Targeting The Perfect Body…

target photshopping

It is very refreshing to see companies hiring models with deformities. What do you mean it ain’t so?!

Turns out  that an editor was overzealous with photoshopping. The model does not have a deformed limb and an abbreviated crotch. This is man made.

Ridiculous looking and it perpetuates the myth that so many deal with psychologically…you are never too thin (or too rich…) Everyone and I mean everyone, no matter the age or gender, thinks about body image.

When a retailer or magazine makes a serious mistake and publishes a crudely photoshopped image, it only adds fuel to the fire. This look further emphasizes teens newly found obsession with “thigh gap”…the disturbing desire to NOT have one’s thighs touch.

Target really hit the bullseye regarding inappropriateness. Two Target models in bikinis were the subjects of exaggerated photo editing. In two separate images online, an editor’s heavy hand went cra cra with wheedling body parts.



It’s no surprise that photo editing plays a part in almost every image we see, but carelessness like this highlights just how far retailers will go to project a certain image. This kind of imagery only perpetuates body insecurities especially among young women.

Since the photos went viral and Target received harsh criticism, the retailer issued an apology.  “It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize,” Target spokesman Evan Miller stated. The ads were taken down.

Removing the photos and working to replace them is a self-serving gesture…the result of too much bad press for Target. Rest assured, this type of editing will be repeated. Going forward, Target’s knee jerk reaction will not solve the bigger image problem that so many of us face.

Advertisers perpetuate the myth of the perfect body. Not many women have the type of body that Gisele was born with…you ultimately cannot recast genetics. Sometimes, no matter how vigilant you are about what you eat and how much you exercise, your shape is predetermined. Being healthy and fit is the most important thing.

Women and men, give yourself a break. Relax, stay calm and embrace your body and respect the lack of gap.

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