Fall In Love With Fall…

Fall Central Park
Fall Central Park

Fall is in the air in NYC. Previously, I have established that this is my absolute favorite season. The air is crisp and clean and the trees are painted with a brilliant haze of colors. Driving is not a chore as you are free to absorb the luscious landscape which is outlined with a golden glow. My friend, Paula, disagrees and finds it less than appealing…she is a springtime girl. I still like her, but she is wrong!

Do you think that this particular season has two names because its fabulousity is too much to be contained with just one noun?

Traditionally, fall is the term used in the United States while the English prefer Autumn. Americans enjoy catchy phrases to remember things by such as the daylight savings time ditty, ”fall back, spring ahead”. My husband would be hard pressed to remember to change the clocks if it wasn’t for that. Thankfully, cell phones automatically re-set which I still think is a bit of seasonal magic.

fall road

 Fall introduces football, the World Series, a change of wardrobe, excellent hair days, no sweating. Remember when returning to school was exciting…new clothes, teachers, friends, checking out cute guys, cheerleading tryouts…as a parent it selfishly provides a return to normalcy and more ‘me’ time.

back to school

 Thanksgiving is a memorable fall highlight…being able to watch football and eat all day long, guilt free. Halloween brings back fond memories of the family making the most innovative, interactive costumes, decorating the house. David and Courtny would spend months planning and executing. Her costumes won every year and who doesn’t love trick or treating, especially when you can raid your kids treasure trove of goodies while they sleep.


 A fall classic is raking the leaves and diving into the fragrant pile over and over again…it beats making snow angels by a mile. Putting the top down on your car in fall is exhilarating…who doesn’t look maaavelous driving a convertible, hair blowing in the breeze, arm perched on the window, music blaring.

girl in convertible

 Fall ignites romance and a need to cuddle as the nights becomes cooler. I love to sleep with the windows wide open. I freeze everyone out, but I am cool and satisfied!

romeo and juliet statute

 Get out and squeeze all the energy out of this colorful transition from summer to winter If you live in California, Florida or a similar warm climate and don’t experience fall, I am sorry for you. Plan a peak fall foliage trip and fall in love with fall.

fall road

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