Evolution or Devolution…

Stand clear…time to step up to the soap box and mount a defensive.

What the hell happened to manners? Did parents sell the rights to bringing up baby properly?

I cannot judge the universe, but yesterday I witnessed table manners that could cause a cast-iron stomach to hurl.

One mother with three kids who each screamed, Momma 10 times before acknowledgement, ate like barnyard animals.

The middle child put his face in the plate and ingested his scrambled eggs and potatoes with his face never leaving the plate.  My dog has better manners.

His sister whose voice could cut glass, picked up a pancake and held it in one hand and devoured it in a circular motion while standing.

The mother read her cell as if it was a fascinating novel, ignorant of the goings on surrounding her.

The other boy yelled that he found Waldo on his placemat and his mother said he was misinformed and ignorant.

His response was to take a frisbee sized pancake, fold it in half, stuff it in his mouth and then mutter to his mom that she was an idiot as Mrs. Butterworth’s glazed griddle cake spewed from his contorted pie hole.

Sour milk for breakfast and this was in a lovely dining room…I will not go into depth regarding other underage patrons.

Is this evolution or devolution?

Are we improving as a species or going to hell?

Talk amongst yourselves.

Gif:USA Today


  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    I even watch some of my friends older children – like – married old children – and it is clear something has totally slipped thru the cracks!!!
    ‘Bring the food to your mouth, not the other way around!’
    Don’t ham fist your utensils, hind them properly!
    Don’t talk with your mouth full??!!!!
    Basic little stuuuffff!!
    An in the case you witnessed: At least: NO CELL PHONES ST THE TABLE!!!
    There’s more. But I stop myself. ☺️😡

    • I second your emotion!!
      Ham fisting drives me crazy to the point that I want to grab the fork and start jabbing and the reason no one has the fabulous interpersonal skills we possess is they can only relate to a cell phone😎
      Love your insights💜

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