Everybody Loves Mango…

Migraines and menopause are uphill battles.

Reality trumps both of them.

Speaking trumpese, that was a secluded island bonus.

No television, no internet, no spraying of Agent Orange poison.

Yesterday began at 6am with a beach walk followed by a delicious breakfast, reading, swimming and a noon departure from paradise.

We boarded the 12pm ferry to the mainland, hopped into the waiting car for the 2 hour drive to Cancun airport, wasted away time at Margaritaville and then boarded our 5:15pm flight to Los Angeles.

5 hours later we touched down to an overcast LA and were bused to the International terminal to go through customs, took a Lyft to the rental car, and grabbed a burger at In-N-Out.

The Californians from Saturday Night Live kicked in and channeling Devon, we took the 90 to the 405 South to the 10 West to the Pacific Coast Highway to Temescal.

We were home by 11pm…full day.

Up at 5:30am with the time difference, 4 washes later and dozens of phone calls involving a week worth of problem solving and I am exhausted.

I need a vacation.

Reality Does Sucks.

I took note that the edge has already crept back into everyone’s tone.

Maybe we just need to maintain our mango margarita intake and the days will pass by in languid fashion.

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