Escalating From Beige To Camo…

The uncharismatic Florida governor running for president is a right-wing ultra conservative with dictatorial tendencies, embellished by an arrogant demeanor.

I am not being flippant just because I detest everything about Ron DeSantis.

I am truly gobsmacked by what I just read about his power at any cost policies, including creating a paramilitary force beholden only to Florida’s authoritarian leader.

Back story…in 2022, DeSantis officially established a Florida state guard formed under the guise of a civilian disaster relief force that could respond to hurricanes and other public emergencies.

Sounds valid and the yin to the National Guard yang.

Hold on…the reality is that it has morphed in a paramilitary band of unqualified participants.

The forces have increased to 1,500 from an original 400 and are being trained as an armed, combat-ready militia under DeSantis’ personal command, according to military veteran recruits who have quit the program.

They are now being outfitted in camouflage uniforms, replacing the more innocuous Palm Beach beige polo and pants garb.

This group certainly echoes the Russian Wagner militia formed under the auspices of the Russian state-funded paramilitary organization, created under former Putin close ally Yevgeny Prigozhin, showcasing neo- Nazi and far right extremist policies. 

DeSantis’ easily manipulated Republican-led state legislature has contributed to the change of direction, this year approving a budget increased from $10 million to $107.5 million, including purchasing helicopters, boats, police powers and reportedly even cellphone-hacking technology for a force outside of federal jurisdiction and accountable directly to the governor.

Democrats spoke out in 2021 when DeSantis first proposed reactivating the state guard dormant since WWII.

Here’s a bit of advice. Lock him up and all the other politicians and crazies who masquerade as defenders of democracy when they are only power hungry, unappealing white men with misguided views and narcissistic self-interest.

A footnote…DeSantis wants to control all aspects of Floridians lives through extreme maneuvers such as abortion, Mickey Mouse and book bans, but households in Florida, the third most populous state in the US, have been grappling with a property insurance crisis that is making home ownership unaffordable for many after at least six insurers went insolvent in Florida last year.

Farmers pulled out of Florida last week.

Personally, my Florida homeowners insurance tripled in one year and I was only able to retain coverage because I was grandfathered in.

If DeSantis is so obsessed with making Florida the greatest state in the Union, why doesn’t he stay home and take care of business rather than forming a vanity army and galavanting all over the world, fruitlessly attempting to follow in another foul Floridian’s footsteps to become Fuhrer of America.


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  1. I take it you don’t like him. Nor, do I. And I didn’t even know a out his paramilitary force.

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