Enter Sandman…


I woke up refreshed today.

I slept like a baby and had the best sleep I have experienced in at least one year.

No alcohol or drugs were consumed to attain a euphoria night’s rest.

All natural, just like me.

I sprinted out of bed after our puppy, Finnley, pounced on me with a 30 mile per hour wake up call.

I buzzed around the kitchen making breakfast for my canine posse and even mixing a batch of the noxious smelling, but healthy, SoJo, for Madison and Finnley’s Saturday brunch date.

Being energized, I cleaned the house, Pledged all the wood and Granite Gold-ed all the counters, whipped up homemade tomato sauce for dinner, figured out a substitute caregiver for my mother tomorrow and it’s only 7am.

I am raring to go and ready to take anything on.

Enjoy your weekend, attempt to prioritize sleep…see you on the other side.

For your listening pleasure, I just savored the first espresso of the day and I am channeling the greatest baseball reliever ever, Mariano Rivera, and his 9th inning entrance music…Enter Sandman. This song will get your engines racing…

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