The End Of Parenthood…


Other than sports, I have not been that engaged with television.

Late last night, after an ice cold martini with a lovely friend, I had the TV on for companionship as my He-Devil was diligently slaving away in Seattle safely cocooned in the Microsoft cloud.

I was watching Jimmy Fallon and heard an NBC promo. I was stunned to hear that this week’s episode of Parenthood is the very last one…say it ain’t so.

I knew this was the last season of Parenthood, but did not think they would cut me off so soon. Apparently, it was an expensive series to produce so every year I waited for news of renewal.

I love this show. I care about the Braverman clan more than my extended family and since 2010, I have looked forward to watching every episode sometimes twice.

My brother is nonexistent in my life…hard to believe we grew up in the same house. I would imagine it must be rewarding to have a sibling you can depend on as well as have a healthy relationship. I cannot complain. My husband, daughter and doggie are my best buds and an extremely supportive unit.


Every actor on Parenthood is superb. I would follow Lauren Graham (Sarah) anywhere since I am a devoted Gilmore Girl groupie. I marvel as Ray Romano’s acting chops…from stand up comic to drama. I have learned to love Kristina (Monica Potter) and the development of her character. I want Adam (Peter Krause) as my brother.

I adored Jason Ritter, thought Michael B. Jordan was a great character (Haddie not so much and happy to see her put in the deep freeze in upstate New York) and enjoyed Minka Kelly’s interaction with Max and Crosby.

Recently, I ate breakfast next to Zach (Craig T. Nelson)) in Malibu and almost approached him and told him he shouldn’t be eating fatty foods due to his heart condition.


I really related to The Luncheonette, a throwback recording studio and Crosby’s (Dax Shepard)  devotion to the music biz.

I wanted Amber (Mae Whitman) to go to college and had a major axe to grind with Julia’s (Erika Christensen) husband, Joel. That storyline did not resonate with me. I was hoping Julia would dump him for the lawyer in her firm that she was hooking up with.

Kudos to Max Burkholder and his portrayal of a kid with Asperger Syndrome. The show’s heavy focus on life with a developmental disability is believed to be a first and audiences have responded positively.

Farewell my friends. You beat the shit out of the all those boring network shows, excluding The Good Wife…If you have never watched Parenthood you need to binge now.

Footnote…this is my 402 post. Thank you for reading, discussing and supporting this over 40 She-Devil while I report and comment on the world, food, entertainment, sports, menopausal meanderings and Entitlementors who invade and annoy us on a daily basis.


  1. I agree. This is a show I will truly miss. (And I SO agree with you about Joel. His leaving didn’t make sense and no way would I take him back after putting my kids through that impulsive exit.) And why has Max Burkholder not been nominated for an Emmy??

    • We need to rise up! I agree. Why does a moronic show like The Big Bang Theory receive all the accolades and nominations when Max is outstanding and a character you can learn from. It is all about money. I know it is an expensive show to produce because they have a talented cast and that doesn’t come cheap, but they have made a huge mistake!

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