Boys Will Be Boys…Now Grow Up


I get it, but I just don’t get it intellectually.

Are men that horny that they have to stare, have swivel head and leer after women all the time on the street?

Yesterday, I was on my way to the gym at 8 am. It was a lovely, sunny day with temperatures in the 60’s. A woman was standing next to me at the crosswalk wearing a “in the heat of summer” outfit.

Her bright yellow bra straps looked like two warning stripes at a school crossing. Her racerback tank top fit snugly. She had on a lime green flared tennis skirt with Easter egg gentile green Chuck Taylor Converse (the greens clashed). Her dishwater blonde long, thin hair was in desperate need of a good cut and conditioning. She wasn’t even attractive, thin, but not shapely.

Now, I am sure you think less of me for dressing down this woman, but I had to impress upon you the lack of beauty and zsa zsa zu that this female conveyed. Women can be bitchy, but they look at other women with a discerning eye.

Men ogling woman in a nightclub-1564113

5 different men almost loss their junk over her. A male driver nearly rear ended the car in front of him at the light where we were crossing, a bus driver turned around 5 times, head on a swivel, a penis on a bike almost ran into the curb.

For what? This woman’s skirt was short and her bra straps were on display, but her tank didn’t hug huge ta ta’s. Nothing was shaking. What’s up with that?


Do men take a mental photograph and then store it away for alone time? I see a coveted designer bag or a fab pair of shoes, an attractive man or woman, take a gander and then move on. Men’s actions historically are deliberate, long winded, intrusive and obnoxious.

Women do have some responsibility to dress with class…less is more so get with the program, biatches. but unless you are over exposed we have all seen it before. Don’t get me wrong, it is always nice to have a normal male check you out…once, briefly…but most men have too much construction worker stare in them.

Boys, take a look, calm down, move on and grow up or this is the end result.

Penalty For Leering
Penalty For Leering

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