Emperor Has No Clothes…

6th was a watershed moment.

Many things will never be the same.

Not only does that day represent an attempted coup by white supremacists against America, but it marks the day that Georgia elected two democrats (one Jewish, one black…eat your heart out Proud Boys and your ilk!) shifting the majority in the Senate.

Additionally, Agent Orange was completely unmasked.

No one can deny what he did and said at the January 6th rally inciting his followers to riot.

That speech is exactly why the Republican argument that there were no witnesses interviewed at the impeachment hearing does not hold water.

The world was witness.

If good can come from tragedy that moment in time exposed the racist sociopath for exactly what he is.

The private sector is now pushing back hurting trump where it really  matters, affecting his businesses and their bottom line.

It is time to move forward.

Impeach the pig stripping him of his presidential perks and let’s get on with the Biden administration.

The 24 carat gold image is turning out to be brass plated and the emperor will soon have no clothes.

Just one more thing before moving forward.

An eye for an eye..,we must get to the bottom of the the Capitol invasion being an inside job.

Purportedly, several congressional representatives arranged personal tours of the the Capitol on January 5th for the white suprematist insurgents affording them an insiders visual of the twist and turns in the building and where individual congressional offices are located.

Capitol tours have been cancelled since last March due to Covid that is why the groups were so conspicuous.

These turncoats along with Senators Hawley and Cruz and Congressmen Brooks, Gohmert, Gaetz, Jordan and Gosar must be banished then we can move forward, making democratic magic and truly Making America Great Again.

Go Team Biden and Harris.

5 days until we can all exhale!

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  1. well said hope all goes well for Biden what a time in our history to be starting
    his term as President. God speed as some say.

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