Emergency Maneuvers…

Life is a spewing fountain of surprises.

One minute you are enjoying a lovely bottle of wine on a Saturday night and the next moment you are rushing to the Emergency Room at NYU Langione.

That is the intro to, How I Spent My Weekend.

Got your attention?

When a mother’s cell rings at 8pm on a Saturday night and you know your daughter has party plans, you are not anticipating a “how’s it hanging, mom” conversation.

Warning lights when off in my head and by the time I said hello I was in full red alert.

My daughter was in excruciating pain and we quickly formulated a plan.

We sprinted to our car, Louboutins made it challenging, but it was quicker than a taxi and we headed to the hospital in the East 30s.

The ER staff was amazing and they fast tracked our daughter.

It was determined she needed immediate surgery.

NYU Langione Recovery Room

We gird our loins and waited.

The surgery went well and surprisingly, we were able to take her home crack of dawn on Sunday.

We had an impromptu pajama party, minus the s’mores, combing each other’s hair and scary stories.

Let me tell you no matter your age everyone needs an advocate and a caretaker.

Just like with the NY Giants surprisingly disappointing first round NFL draft pick, nothing turns out the way you plan it.

My brave, beautiful daughter is on the mend and compared to Saturday night, relatively pain free even with tons of carbon dioxide torturing her insides.

The past six months have taught me to anticipate the random curve ball and be prepared to handle the spin.


  1. Oh Toby!
    This sounds truly scary. But, you also make it sound like she is out of harms way. I so hope that is the case. I’ve been in that emergency room and even ICU with first my young son, at three yrs old!, ruptured appendix, then my husband years later with an allergic reaction that narrowly missed the need for a tracheotomy – but which did land him in the ICU in an induced coma for four days.
    As you so aptly put it, life IS a spewing fountain of surprises!!! May they all end so well – and may they just NOT come around too often!!!
    Thinking of you and your beautiful girl,
    XOXO Anna:)

  2. How frightening – I really hope Courtny is ok. Nice that you were in NY and not LA…phew!

  3. Beth Martin says:

    Oh geez. I’m so sorry. Poor Courtny. She was being such a great patient. No complaints, smiling disposition and working hard throughout. This is so unfair. Hugs and kisses to both of you. I’ll hold her in my prayers.

  4. Kathy Ricciardi says:

    Poor Courtny, I hope she’s feeling better and is on the mend. It’s such a terrible, hopeless feeling, I’ll never forget how Courtny helped me out in a similar situation. I love your girl!! Thinking of you all. Kathy xi

  5. Sorry to hear about Courtney ..happy to hear she is on the mend
    Sorry we didn’t connect when you were here in Florida
    Please keep in touch.
    Life throws in a lot of unwanted surprises

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