Elephant In The Room…

Memory like an elephant.

Now, I am doomed to never forget how lousy the Broadway show, Water For Elephants, is.

I want my Saturday night back.

The good news is my steps were in excess of 15,000 on Saturday as we walked our doggie during the day and then a night time round trip to the theater from home and back.

I was also underwhelmed by the plethora of poorly dressed tourists on the streets of New York and in the theater.

If the play was, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, I could possibly understand the thematic attire, but Saturday night on Broadway in flip flops and ass cheek revealing denim shorts with too tight tops on a mature audience is unforgettable.

I was sad to see the streets around Broadway strewn with litter, people who had no idea where they were going and impossibly annoying and aggressive Disney characters.

Water for Elephants was so boring that my Apple watch was my only source of entertainment as I  scanned  old text messages and counted the seconds until intermission so that I could dodge the uninspired, unmelodic circus.

The good news is the weekend weather in New York City was stellar.

At the crack of dawn on Saturday, I started cleaning closets and changing my wardrobe from winter to summer continually increase my donation pile. It proved to be far more satisfying than Water For Elephants.

Early Sunday morning was devoted to bingeing a hilarious and moving season three of Hacks.

My husband brought me sable on a bagel for breakfast in bed.

After the Hacks binge we strolled Central Park which was teeming with humanity.

There was a huge police presence as the Israel Day Parade was happening on Fifth Avenue between 57th and 74th streets.

Sunday in the Park on a summer’s day always offers a vibrant and colorful cityscape.

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