Elementary Propaganda…

Is this America?!

No joke.

Not that involved, concerned, intelligent Americans are not aware that this country is in crisis.

Again, trump opened the Pandora’s box filled with crazies when he declared his run for Fuhrer in 2015.

Ron De InSanity is one of the greatest threats.

Is he a descendent of Hitler?

The latest Breaking News out of Florida is stunningly frightening.

Videos that compare climate activists to Nazis, portray solar and wind energy as environmentally inept and claim that current global heating is part of natural long-term cycles will be available to young schoolchildren in Fuhrer run Florida, after the Florida Department of Education approved their use in public school curriculum.

Slick, enticing animations by the Prager University Foundation, a conservative group that produces materials on science, history, gender and other topics widely criticized as distorting the truth, will be shown to children in kindergarten to fifth grade.

Equating people concerned about climate change with Nazis can have a long-term impact on young, impressionable people.

I would never send my child to public school in Florida while DeSantis and his right-wing followers are in power.

The incorrect, dangerous beliefs Prager University, which is not an academic institution, are pushing are in line with far-right extremist beliefs. The fear is that these ideals will flow right into mainstream society.  Does QAnon ring a bell?!

Prager University is a right-wing advocacy group founded in 2009 that produces various materials, including magazines and videos running $25,000 a clip, that have been criticized by experts for inaccurate portrayals of slavery and racism in the US.

The group has received substantial funding from Dan and Farris Wilks, two brothers who are petroleum industry businessmen.

Once again, money and profit outranks the health of our planet.

Accordingly, DeSantis and his band of crazies regularly trade in racist, misogynistic and homophobic speech, promoting disinformation in place of actual science to further the agenda of the evangelicals and fossil fuel interests funding him and the Republican party.

The right-wing Republicans fiddle while America literally burns.



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