Elegant French Cuisine at Les Trois Chevaux…

I was in the West Village, but Les Trois Chevaux transported me to vintage New York City and Parisienne dining.

The charming restaurant serves fabulously creative, delicious French food.

The only item difficult to swallow are the prices.

The main dining room which seats 37 offers a 4-course prix-fixe menu and an 8-course tasting menu.

The Bar Experience offers an a la carte menu as well as the above options. The bar has room for 9 diners and is always my first choice.

I recommend the fixed price menu as there is flexibility and the $250 price point is a better deal than the a la carte.

The room is elegant with a chandelier from the Waldorf Astoria holding center court.

The origin of the moniker, Les Trois Chevaux, is a name given to Chef Mar and her two brothers by a family member.

Chef Angie Mar showcases attention to detail with uniforms designed by Christian Siriano and an on hand bevy of vintage YSL jackets for those men who are not aware of the dress code (sneakers and jeans are taboo).

Previously, Mar was the chef and owner at the Beatrice Inn located next door to Les Trois Chevaux.

She acquired the Beatrice Inn from Graydon Carter which closed last year.

We started the four course meal with an Artichoke  Mousse which was silky and refreshing.

I ordered the Escargot which were pristine in a light sauce with lovely al dente vegetables. It was very good, but to be honest and call me a peasant, I much prefer the classic style swimming in garlic and butter accompanied by crusty French bread to mop up the sauce.

My dining partner ordered the Seafood Canneloni which was delicious.

My main was Truffled Turbo. It was outrageously delicious as it should be for the price point.

The foie gras was tasty, but we should have opted for one of the more creative dishes.

The three cheeses were divine even on their own.

Dessert was a multi-course food fantasy. Elegantly presented they included ice cream, beignets and creme aux champignons (morelles).

If you have a special occasion on tap, Les Trois Chevaux should be on your bucket list if price is not an issue.

Les Trois Chevaux 283 West 12th Street West Village NYC. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5-10pm. Reservations on Resy. Dress Code strictly enforced.

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