Election Day 2021…

Back to throwing down the Tums.

Politics gives me indigestion.

I do not live in Virginia and it may be for Lovers, but I am not interested in residing there.

Don’t get me wrong it is a lovely state. I lived in McLean when I served my time with the Kennedy clan.

I am all about the state today due to the gubernatorial election.

I made donations, but I cannot cast a vote for Terry McAuliffe.

Glenn Youngkin, a Republican political newcomer who is running for governor of Virginia is a retired co-chief executive of the Washington private equity giant Carlyle Group. He has never held elective office.

His personal wealth stands at $254 million and he is running for governor on a platform of baseless issues and is backed by Agent Orange.

The polls indicate a tight race with democrat Terry McAuliffe.

I am so nervous that a Republican win will further empower Agent Orange and his sycophants.

That fate I cannot endure again…ever.

Democrats, please vote in force.

It looks to be a beautiful day across our democracy…no excuses so enjoy your freedoms while they last before the republicans negate all our inalienable rights.

I am confident things can only get better in New York City with Bill de Blasio gone.

I am feeling strong and ready for anything other than a repeat of Adolf and Ava in the White House.

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