Elderly, My Tight, High Ass…


I am breathless from making the ascent to the top of my soapbox.

Gather round peeps I am about to rant.

I assume everyone knows about the tragic car accident Bruce Jenner was involved in over the weekend. An elderly woman died.

As further details were released, I ascertained that the “elderly” woman was 69 years-old. Now, I do not want to diminish her untimely and devastating death, but come on, 69 is now considered elderly?!

I had a conversation with a window treatment person yesterday. His father took the measurements for my awkward picture window that is between the bathroom and bedroom. Really…who wants to view others performing their ablutions, but that is for another day.

When I inquired about cost of the window shade, he said that his father is old and forgot to pass along the information…”He’s turning 61 Thursday and he forgets more than usual now.”

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda photo:popsugar.com

Yet, just the other day, the media was all over the fact that the seemingly ageless Jane Fonda looked amazingly hot at this year’s Grammy’s. No one described her as  the ‘elderly’ or ‘senior ‘Ms. Fonda.

I thought 60 was the new 40? Seriously, people in their 60’s are now elderly? What’s my mother…prehistoric.

Cut the crap. There are so many of us in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who look and feel great. Stop the madness and unearth a new adjective to describe the attractive, physically fit Baby Boomers.

Omit elderly, senior, old-timer, past one’s prime until you see the the person up close.

How about vintage? At least that has a coveted connotation given that it is trending positively in fashion and wine.

Elderly my tight, high, aerobicized, non-surgical ass.


  1. YES!

  2. kristen kulas says:

    I love it exactly.. women are more gorgeous with age

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