Ecstatically Overwhelmed…

It does not get better than this!

I am quarantining in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my three favorite humans.

My pioneering, strong, adventurous daughter made the daunting drive across the country with her wing gal, Finnley, our amazing doggie.

Seeing my daughter and pup after almost 10 months was beyond spectacular and, thankfully, they both remembered us!

We made the journey from Los Angeles, stopping at the southern rim of the Grand Canyon on a whim.

I bought a pass online while speeding down Route 66 and it was an impulse that exceeded expectations.

We hiked down into the Canyon and then after our challenging ascension we witnessed a breathtaking sunset.

After spendings hours and hours and days and months quarantined it was thrilling to be exposed to luscious scenery.

We are now a tested, mask wearing, house dwelling family in charming, historic Santa Fe.

This is looking to be a surprisingly exciting, intimate family holiday season.

Be well, safe, happy and enjoy Thanksgiving.



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