Dynamic Duo Does Frigid NYC…

The Dynamic Duo teamed up to take a frigid New York City by storm.

With the holidays in our rear view mirror we took advantage of Courtny’s last day of work vacation and met up at The Ribbon Restaurant on the upper west side.

Mediocrity still reigns even though the vegan pumpkin soup was very good.

The company was scrumptious.

We walked across Central Park, fighting off the 14 degree temps with Uniglo down feathers cradling our goose bump bodies, cashmere scarves wrapped around our faces like surgical masks, thermal gloves staving off frostbite, equip with touch tone ability, pom pom hats embracing our heads making static electricity routine and boots serving as the only line of defense against the icy pavement.

Destination, the Metropolitan Museum of Art to peruse the David Hockney exhibit, representing six decades of masterpieces.

Of course, the MET was tropical and packed with foreign bodies so the first task at hand was to disrobe in front of Titian, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and a disinterested David Hockney.

The Cha-Cha That Was Danced in the Early Hours of 24th March (1961)

Domestic Scene Los Angeles (1963)

The exhibit is bold and colorful, dealing with depth and prospective as well as his homosexuality.

Rubber Ring Floating in a Swimming Pool (1971)

The exhibit made a big splash, moving into his California pool period where he has resided on and off for the past 50 years.

A Bigger Interior with Blue Terrace (2017)

Huge canvases from 2015-17 dominated the final phase of the showing.

A Closer Winter Scene February-March

Of late, Hockney has ventured outdoors to observe the changing landscape of his native Yorkshire, England.

iPad Hockney Artwork

At age 80, the artist continues to experiment.

In addition to paintings, Hockney now dabbles in digital design via the Brushes app. on his iPad.

He “paints” landscapes, still lifes and portraits with a stylus and prints them instantaneously.

It was visually exciting albeit crowded.

MET Christmas Tree

We then moseyed about and saw the Christmas tree which bows out on the 7th.

Courtny and I strolled A deserted Madison Avenue, stopping in a few stores.

The mantra of the day is, “Look but Don’t Touch” with my personal goal to not buy one damn thing until April Fool’s Day.

My daughter had social commitments so I headed to Landmarc at Columbus Circle and had some lovely red with Hannah, the delightful bartender.

Here’s toasting 2018.

I resolve to participate politically and improve life through patience and generosity of spirit.


David Hockney Metropolitan Museum of Art 5th Avenue and 82nd Street, New York City. November-February 25th, 2018.

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