Drive Me Crazy…

Took a road trip to Connecticut.

No longer the road less traveled.

It had never taken me more than 45 minutes to drive to where I grew up.

Saturday, it was a frustrating 4 hour round exercise in futility.

Conundrum…I am in the midst of renovation and redecorating my home in NYC.  The upholstery prices are so outrageous in Manhattan, is it worth the frustrating drive out of state to save over $1000?

While I am railing against society, why do under the speed limit drivers need to have 10 car lengths in front of them as well as tenaciously holding on to their coveted spot in the passing/fast lane?

The long and winding road gave me time to reflect on these important and annoying issues.

Connecticut looked weary and there are no good places to eat…some things never change.

Two highlights…I had a lengthy conversation with my parents who are firmly grounded and reunited.

It was the first time I had seen the memorial stone I designed up close and personal because Covid kept me thousands of miles away.

I gave the stone a good cleaning and the area a pruning.

The other high point was going to Trader Joe’s and loading up on decent looking produce and purchasing groceries which did not match the NYC pricing of my monthly mortgage.

Now you know how sexy my Saturday was.


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