Dr. Deflecto…

Can you seriously believe a man who wears a russet colored tie with a grey suit?

A dick who has perfected duck and weave.

Another Fake News proponent who uses Fox News all the time to spread innuendo and lies.

Wish his Chris Farley sidekick would add a bit of humor to his boring soliloquies.

Dr. Deflecto, Devin Nunes, knows nothing about patriotism or how to dress for success.

This ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee is just plain rank.

And, don’t get me started on Nunes self-involved partner in stifling democracy, the other half of the  Mini-Me Trump team.

Congressman Jim Jordan, is un’suit’able (put a jacket on, you impertinent asshole) and is the congressional rapper of deflecto crap whose voice has one register…yelling flecked with innuendo and disrespect.

Jordan, the wound up, whiny former wrestler and founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, has always relished a fight.

I must assume he has been trapped, twisted and pressured in a few too many head locks that has left Jordan with limited cognitive dissonance.

These two are Agent Orange’s biggest supporters…God help America because right now it ain’t great.

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