Down With Mr. Potato Head…

Cold potatoes.

This led to a chilling experience with a sexist pig with a hot temper.

If you are in the Palm Beach area, NEVER eat at Caffe Luna Rosa.

I enthusiastically reviewed the restaurant several years ago and have been eating there for over 20 years.

Yesterday was my metaphoric Last Supper at Luna Rosa.

My daughter and I walked on the beach and then headed to Luna Rosa for breakfast.

Our breakfast potatoes, part of the 2 egg special, were missing in action and the server apologized and went to retrieve them.

They arrived cold and undercooked so we asked for hot ones.

The substantial, shaved head unattractive manager took umbrage.

I parried and said why would we return something that was well prepared.

He told me to basically shut up.

My daughter was appalled by his manner and very politely spoke to him.

He told her to leave and never return.

We had not eaten our breakfast, but he insisted we pay and told us if we had a problem to call the police.

We left never to return.

Kisses you belligerent sexist, impolite women hating anti-Democratic moron and toodles forever Mr. Potato Head.

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  1. Wow. I could put up with cold potatoes but not abusive treatment.

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