Double Dipping…

Presently, politics is not about serving and representing citizens or making countries better.

It is about hatred, graft and power.

I was taught that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Politically, it is all about tearing people down who possess different viewpoints.

Did you hear that Kamala Harris and the second gentleman hosted a Seder for staff and the talk surrounding the occasion afterward was all about the fact that the VP and her husband served wine from a West Bank settlement.

Holy Matzoh, if the Palestinians and Israelis sat down with a good bottle of wine and some hummus, pita, matzoh ball soup, tzimmes and a good brisket maybe there would be peace in the region.

Outwardly, the symbolic gesture became all about the wine from an occupied area.

This was not the Biden administration making a political statement in favor of settlements.

Only the negative or controversial is ever highlighted…no mention of alternative symbols on the table along with the wine and traditional Seder plate such as an orange, which represents the importance of ensuring the full inclusion of women and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Jewish traditions.

I lived with the Kennedys for an extended period of time and witnessed how real political decisions and compromises are often made across the aisle.

Wish those days and forms of civil, well intentioned bipartisan negotiations over a glass of wine still existed.



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