Don’t Worry, Be Happy…Right!

Last Wednesday night I was a nervous wreck.

What the hell?

It was the eve of the NFL draft.


Get it together, Toby.

I have absolutely no influence or control over who the NY Giants selected in any round of the 2018 draft.

I need to stop worrying about things that are out of my control such as sporting event results and flying.

You are getting on the plane so shut up and strap yourself in.

Anyway, the draft has been on my mind for months.

I like the way things turned out.

Moving on.

One week later and I am still nervous.

Today’s concern is this morning’s impending oral surgery.

I guess there is going under to look forward to.

By midday I will have more holes in my mouth than there are potholes on our NYC street.

I seriously need to devise a new way to eat.

My 2 front teeth will have to shoulder the burden.

Ideally, I will go on a liquid diet starting with the fantasy of a coffee shake after surgery since I have to fast for six hours prior to extraction.

Let’s see…what can I worry about next week?

Getting my mom’s house rented, the departure from New York City.

Never fear, I’ll definitely find plenty to work myself up about.





  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Good luck with your oral surgery. (Better living through chemicals. Enjoy your nap!)

    Sending healing vibes!

  2. hate going to the dentist!!!! alone my visits sent his children through college….good luck to you. I do not worry about football….all my worries are for the Celtics….hoping they make it tp the top.

    • I can relate. I could take a trip around the world for what these extractions, implants and crowns are costing me!! I will be happy to join Team Celtics. Good luck. Did I ever tell you that I interned with the Celtics when I was in grad school? It was amazing.

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