Don’t Shun Shunji…

We have not ventured inside a restaurant since mid-March.

Last week I was assigned the task of finding a divine anniversary takeout dinner.

Our daughter always gifts us an incredible anniversary culinary experience.

This year we were on our own…plus the in-house chef had the night off.

I did a bit of research since our favorite restaurants were still closed.

I had read about Shunji, a Michelin Star sushi restaurant located in an old pizzeria building on Pico Boulevard in the uninspired West Los Angeles neighborhood.

When it comes to sushi we never cheat on Hide, but it has been closed since March.

Shunji is owned by the legendary Chef Shunji Nakao.

Chef previously flashed his knife at Nobu, Matsuhisa’s eponymous 1980’s spot.

I have some unbelievable stories about taking bands and dining in the private room and letting Matsuhisa go crazy.

Anyway, back to the present, takeout menu items are still limited so I selected the 10 piece sushi box at $48 per person.

We picked the dinner up and, unsurprisingly, were homeward bound.

A fine bottle of sake awaited our anniversary celebration.

The sushi box was beautifully presented and they thoughtfully attached a sweet anniversary card to the box.

Inside the 10 piece sushi box was Bluefin Toro, Bluefin Tuna, Halibut, Scallop and a Blue Crab roll.

Bottom: Red Snapper, Blue Snapper, Amber Jack, Jack Mackerel, Salmon and Salmon Egg Bowl.

I adore Uni so I selected one piece of the creamy Santa Barbara delicacy ($10)

We also ordered the Chilled Chawan Mushi which is chilled steamed egg custard topped with seasonal sweet corn puree, steamed uni and summer truffle ($18.50)…it was divine, an amazing combination of distinct flavors.

The sushi was all fabulous…fresh, rich and flavorful.

For dessert we had our infamous Charmin cake courtesy of our daughter.

Here are the takeout options:
$100 Premium Sushi Box
$70 Sushi Bento Box
$45 US Wagyu Soboro Don
$28 Appetizer Box
$4.50 Chocolate Mousse
I have found that sushi takeout is definitely the most consistent option.
If possible, definitely try Shunji since dining in is very expensive and the takeout menu is delicious and affordable.

The Devil has not had a day off since December so the mighty pen will lie dormant for a few days.

Have a happy, healthy holiday weekend, no creeping up on anyone and wear your mask.

Shunji Japanese Cuisine 12244 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, California. Open for takeout  Tuesday-Saturday. Shunji has an adjacent parking lot.

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  1. getting it tonight!❤️👍 Thanks for the recommendation! 🍣

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