I Don’t Need A New Drug…


sports is my drug of choice

The Beatles, Sex Pistols, The Four Seasons, Motown groups, radio DJ’s like Cousin Brucie, Wolfman Jack  and Casey Kasem provide the soundtrack to many of our lives.

Summer hits are evocative of our youth. The Beach Boys resonate with many. Songs like Bee Gees, Stayin’ Alive, Blondie’s, Call Me, Marvin Gaye’s, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, The Young Rascals, Groovin’, The Drifter’s, Under The Boardwalk, , Lovin’ Spoonful’s, Summer In The City, all evoke special memories.

Every time my parents heard, Moon Over Miami, they got all mushy. Johnnie Angel was always played at middle school sleepovers and every single Carole King, Tapestry track, reminds me of my high school boyfriend.

fox nfl

If Monday Night Football or the NFL Today on CBS had been around when I was an infant, I would have sworn that my parents bought the LP (long playing for those too young to know) and kept the turntable spinning all day…that would have been my lullaby song.

Sports means way too much to me. As previously mentioned, I do need mental health intervention. The sound of a familiar announcers voice, the theme song to Monday Night Football, NFL on Fox, The NFL on CBS all calm me down…the adult version of a ice cold Chopin martini with extra olives. My heart rate slows, my breathing deepens.

Yankee and NY Giants Announcer, Bob Sheppard
Yankee and NY Giants Announcer, Bob Sheppard

My most favorite announcer was Bob Sheppard, the PA announcer for NY Giants and Yankees games. It is going to be very difficult for me to have Derek Jeter retire for many reasons.

One that will really resonate is the final announcement by Bob Sheppard of Derek Jeter’s last at bat this fall in Yankee Stadium. “The Voice of God” (Sheppard’s nickname) will make his last Jeter announcement. Jeter is such a huge Sheppard fan that when Sheppard retired in 2007, Jeter asked that they have the recording of Sheppard announcing Jeter’s plate appearance continue on.

Bob Sheppard’s introductions began in 1951 and he elegantly announced such iconic baseball players as Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Jeter and Mariano Rivera. He retired in 2007 after a half century of announcing.

NY Giants Game At Yankee Stadium
NY Giants Game At the Original Yankee Stadium

Sheppard reminds me of the greatest times in my life…seriously. Every Sunday in September through December when the NY Football Giants had a home game, Bob Sheppard’s dulcet tones would reverberate around Yankee Stadium and then in 1976 throughout the austere cement surroundings of Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

These were the best of times with my dad. For decades, we went to every single Giants home game together. My dad was accessible, relaxed (except about finding street parking) and attentive…it was our special time.

During my daily constitutionals, I don my dorky headset because I have to listen to WFAN, Sports Talk radio in NY. It is a must…the familiar banter energizes me.

I am a bit lost clocking miles in Los Angeles where Sports Talk is boring and gimmicky. When working at home, I keep the YES Network on DirecTV so that I can remain calm and informed.

Beyond Billy Joel’s, Just The Way You Are, which is our wedding song and Raffi’s, Baby Beluga, which brings back memories of my daughter’s childhood, the classic TV sports themes and familiar announcer voices are music to my ears.

It is amazing how a single, solitary sound can transport us all to another time and place…to a perfect moment in time.

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