Don’t Hit Me With Your Best Shot…


I do not wish misfortunate upon anyone.

🤣Who am I kidding.

I can think of a basketful of idiots I personally know who I would be delighted to hear that they disappeared along with the anti-vaxxers, anti-Semitic morons, trumpsters, Proud Boys and their extended family of white supremacists, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kim Jong-un, Daniel Jones, Mitch McConnell, NRA zealots, Putin and freaks in hooded white robes.

I’ll stop there…sadly, I could go on and on.

My question is why are so many congressional  representatives against background checks for those who want to purchase a gun…money from lobbyists is way more important than human life, especially the lives of defenseless school children.

In many states you cannot buy a beer at 18 years of age, but you can purchase an assault weapon.

Mentally ill people can buy guns like it was candy.

Years of mass shootings and killings and no Republican support or signed legislation.

I am so sad that caring people do not represent the masses.

Half of American citizens are cold, self-involved, ruthless, prejudice deplorable haters.

And things could get worse.

And why do you need a gun?

We do not need to hunt down animals for food.

Idiots, ever hear of a grocery store.

If no one had guns we wouldn’t need them to defend ourselves.

Guns are as unnecessary as TV rabbit ears and rotary phones.

Lay down your weapons and make love not war.

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