Don’t Be So Critical, Escape, Relax, Enjoy…

Escape Reality, See A Movie


I am always striving for the often unattainable.

Allow me to digress.

The other day we were looking for a diversion.

Seeing a movie came to mind.

There never seems to be a must see film these days.

I perused all the releases and immediately ruled out all the violent and scary flicks.

Mother!, The new Jennifer Lawrence film, sounded absurdly strange with biblical overtones…no thank you.

In light of the natural weather disasters and disastrous president, I decided to dive into a romantic comedy.

Reese Witherspoon’s latest, Home Again, was wildly panned by the critics, but loved by the plebs.

What the yell, I was willing to sacrifice $8.

The movie started at 10:30am and there were 9 others in the theater…that’s my favorite audience size.

Reese plays Alice Kinney, a mother of two daughters recently separated from her husband and transplanted from NYC to L.A.

Her life changes unexpectedly when she allows three young men who are trying to sell a movie script to move in to her guest house.

Call me crazy, sappy, whatever…I really enjoyed Home Again and found it charming.

Writer-director Hallie Meyers-Shyer is romantic comedy royalty.

Her mother, Nancy Meyers, wrote and directed “It’s Complicated,” “Something’s Gotta Give” and “The Holiday”.

She also collaborated with former husband, Charles Shyer, on “Baby Boom,” “Private Benjamin” and “Father of the Bride.”

Home Again was a great start to a hot and humid Sunday and took my mind off of all the craziness.

I needed an escape after virtually playing the role of First Responder for a week while my mom was experiencing Irma, a very unwelcome houseguest.

Life lesson to be learned from a romcom movie…step back, suspend reality and please don’t be so damn critical.

Entertainment can be taken at face value.

Escaping reality without ingesting artificial stimulants can be exhilarating.

Popcorn, Reese Witherspoon, some eye candy in the form of Pico Alexander and his band of adorable millennials, Nat Wolff and SNL alum, Jon Rudnitsky, can provide a delightful two hours.




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  1. agree….in these awful times…escape at a movie is the right ticket!

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