Don’t Bring Me Down…

A dawning of a New Year usually invites hope to do and feel your best to insure a fabulously happy and productive new year.

For the past 12 days I rise and shine with hope in my heart, the intent to avoid sugar and ultimately, valiantly attempting to find happiness.

It is a work in progress as everyone I meet of sane mind and body is depressed about the next four years.

It’s like getting on a plane in Timor-Leste.

Is the pilot competent?

Has the aircraft ever been serviced?

Will I make it through the journey and get to my destination without bodily harm?

Will we all survive?

Life looms large right now.

Which way will the stock market trend?

Will the environment erode more rapidly without the involvement of the U.S.?

Will there be another major war?

What about freedom of the press under Hitler’s spawn?

What can I contribute to make this a more positive experience?

At the present time, I am rendered speechless and devoid of answers.

The game plan as of today is I am going to attempt to be nice to everyone until it kills me.

I am going to walk and spin for personal happiness.

I am not going to participate in retail therapy for the next six months and instead contribute to Planned Parenthood and volunteer more regularly.

I am not going to allow people to drive me crazy.

The NY Giants just lost ugly in the playoffs so my internal turmoil will be on hold until September.

In an attempt to wake up positive I just changed my alarm to Pharrell’s, Happy.

It might be crazy, but I am going to jump on the unharnessed happiness train.

Care to clap along and join me?!



  1. Sif Kvalheim Vorren says:

    It was so cool meeting you in Central Park on Friday! Hamilton was just as astounding as everybody says, and thanks to your recommendation we had a great snack at Dos Caminos first. I look forward to following your blog – all the best!

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