Doggone It…

In the midst of all the chaos I lost my best friend this weekend.

Our beloved doggie, Ms. Madison Avenue, was laid to rest.

She brought so much joy, love and light into our lives during her 14 1/2 year reign.

How my family will miss that beautiful face, those velvety ears, the way her body vibrated when she wagged her long, abundant golden tail, her joy when entering a store breathlessly awaiting the multitude of treats that she knew were about to appear.

Alas, we had to bide adieu long distance which was incredibly painful…no final cuddle and 4-prong kiss…cheek, cheek, forehead, nose. My way of always saying until later whenever I left home even to run an errand.

Thankfully, our daughter, Courtny, was caring for Madison and took her on her last ride, staying with her until the bitter end, cradling her during her final goodbye.

Madison’s aura never appeared to age or diminish.

She was a ray of sunshine especially during dark times.

People constantly asked if she was a puppy because she always radiated, as we called it, her perma puppy glow.

The past year walking became a slower process so we purchased a wagon for her and everyday Madison and I had bonding forays into Central Park.

I would pull her over to the park and then set her free.

I loved to watch her amble about on the grassy knoll and then we would sit on our favorite park bench and chat.

It was our special time.

The pain is horrendous, but my family’s love for her will endure forever and Madison will be with us every single day.

Goodnight, my sweet Maddie Bear.

Please check out our amazing dog walker, Manny’s, beautiful Instagram tribute to Madison at: thedsclub


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