Dog Day Afternoon…

Madison & Berkeley
Madison & Berkeley

We have been contemplating having another baby…as in puppy.

There will never be another Berkeley, Beau Brummel, Daisy, Gold Shores Toughshot I, Tougher II or Samantha. None of my prior doggies can be replaced, but there is room in my heart for another family member.

I really miss Berkeley and having a mate for Madison. I think she has been grieving and it is time.

La Brea Tar Pits
La Brea Tar Pits

Saturday, we went to an adoption faire by the La Brea Tar Pits, a prehistoric setting for doggie adoption.

Courtny is a master of online shopping and information gathering.

She found a viable candidate on an adoption website. As with online dating, we thought we had found the perfect match.

I drove to the Tar Pits in ridiculous traffic and hot and humid weather which is unusual for Los Angeles, parked blocks away and enter the grounds. Courtny was arriving separately with Ms. Madison.

Jimmy Kibble was standing there, but unfortunately, it was not love at first sight. He sniffed us out and was distracted by other bitches…just like online dating.

Jimmy was a bit ADD, too small in stature for us and was not even attracted to Madison, the gorgeous, blonde cheerleader that every boy and man desires.

Not taking a rescue home still hurts.

If I had the space and the means I would adopt as many dogs as possible.

I am very easily affected by all adoptable dogs. I cannot watch Sarah McLachlan’s PSA for the ASPCA. I have read that even McLachlan changes the channel when her notoriously gut-wrenching commercial comes on. Additionally, I have to quickly scroll past the photos the guy on Facebook posts daily about  abandoned and abused canine.

The pain is too great.

Ms. Madison Avenue
Ms. Madison Avenue

So the quest continues for a mate for Madison. Courtny and I will be sniffing round, marking our territory and assessing our options.

I’m just glad I am married and at the moment don’t have to date. Finding a compatible puppy is tough enough.

I guess we have been barking up the wrong tree, but, rest assured, we will come to the rescue of a pup very soon…we anticipate the moment with bated breath.

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  1. Have you tried That is how we found Carmen. You can search for exactly what you prefer – breed, age, trained, dog friendly, etc.? Can’t wait to read about your next addition!!!

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