Do It Or Die…

Short, not so sweet.

Delta dawn…cannot hear about the variant related to new Covid hospitalization and deaths anymore!

It is every human beings responsibility to get the FREE vaccine immediately.

Stop being a self-centered, all about me, prig.

Don’t these idiotic, stupid, anti-science, anti-vaxxer, nonbelievers have children, parents, grandparents, friends?

I think any unvaccinated person who contracts Covid should be denied   hospitalization and, frankly, you all deserve to die from this virus unless your physical condition (severely immunocompromised) warrants that you cannot be administered the Covid vaccine.

Harsh, yes, but you must pay the price for your stupidity, continuing and prolonging the pandemic, personally and irresponsibly spreading the disease and propagating the lies.

Those who see the vaccine as a political issue can bet the farm on the fact that all the anti-vaccine, lying fraudulent Republican and right wing politicians they believe in have been vaccinated…they are not stupid and do not want to die. These politicians are opportunists and will do just about anything for a vote and to maintain their position of power.

CNN recently reported that nearly half of House Republicans still won’t say publicly​ whether they are vaccinated against Covid-19, even as new cases rise nationwide and the next variant, Epsilon, is on the horizon.

And let us not dismiss the irresponsible lies being spread on FOX, OAN and Newsmax.

Some of the 97 Republicans who aren’t sharing their vaccination status stated they don’t have a responsibility to model behavior for their constituents…keep voting in these egotistical mutants who care nothing for your well being.

Be that as it may, be well, get vaccinated, pass it forward and have a great weekend.

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