DIY Father’s Day…💪🏻💪🏻

What better way to say thank you to an amazing dad for rockin’ his family’s world then putting him to work on Father’s Day?!

I gingerly made a seductive outfit out of imported European porcelain patio tile, wrapped myself in a bow and offered myself up yesterday.

David was delighted to see me and then he saw the wording, DIY and it wasn’t referring to my person!

Along with an expert to fill out the threesome, we spent all of Father’s Day working as a team…so unusual to spend every minute of the day together in Coronaville (she said sardonically!)

As the June Gloom settled around us, our arduous task of tiling and grouting 2 patios brought sunshine to Father’s Day.

Since we were in “the pocket“ as my rockers used to preen about after a particularly great show, we took on the framing of a 30×60 painting.

I had been Zooming with frame shops in Los Angeles and the going rate started at $1250 to create a liner around the artwork and frame it.

Beyond a rip off.

So I bought grey burlap for the fabric wrapped liner on Amazon for $20, Courtny’s Darling Dad bought 1/2 inch piece of plywood from the local hardware store and 2 hours, a lovely, satisfying Aperol Spritz and homemade hummus later, we had a killer framed painting.

By the end of the day, I had finally and successfully channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and David his Chip…we glowed like a Magnolia Market chandelier.

Bonus…we DIY’d for under $100.

As a reward for a job well done and as well as performing fatherhood to perfection, David was gifted with a case of fine wine and 3 pounds of  fresh steamers along with a bucket of fettuccine which I DIM (Did It Myself).

The highlight, of course, was FaceTime with his daughter, Courtny, the whole reason for his right to celebrate this auspicious day.

BTW, the dueling patios kick ass💜


  1. It does look great!

  2. this was hysterical

  3. Wow. You both rock. I love the tiles. The patios and art look fabulous. And we need our projects now.

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