Distracted Amidst Despair…

I must admit to being uninspired and feeling a sense of despair.

As with millions of others the Extremist Court has taken my breath and sense of hope away.

On Friday, with the Roe v Wade reversal, the United States of America joined only three other countries, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Poland that have rolled back abortion rights since 1994.

Nearly 60 countries have liberalized their abortion laws over the last 25 years.

I will attempt to throw out some distractions.

The Yankees had their second dramatic win against the hated Astros this weekend so there was joy in my world on Sunday when Aaron Judge hit a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 10th inning with 2 outs.

Last night the Yankees down 5-1 had their 23rd comeback this year to win 9-5.

A must see…Top Gun: Maverick. What a ride! It was the first time I visited a movie theater in three years. Tom Cruise does not age or disappoint. To negate concerns I wore a mask and went at 10am on a Sunday.

Recommended new series…Bear on Hulu, 8 episodes. Bear is centered around a young talented chef (Jeremy Allen White of Shameless fame) from the fine dining world who returns home to Chicago to run his family sandwich shop after a heartbreaking death in his family. The cast is sensational and the show often moves at a high decibel, frantic pace.

Loot on Apple+ TV stars Maya Rudolph as Molly a billionaire divorcee ready to give back to the world and change her fortune. Be prepared to experience some laughter and joy.

The Minutes on Broadway. Another marvelous play written by and featuring Tracy Letts which showcases a remarkable cast including, Noah Reid of Shitt Creek fame and Broadway star Jessie Mueller. The play, a comedy, a mystery and an allegory, unfolds entirely in real time at a Big Cherry city council meeting, a small town that could be anywhere.

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande on Hulu. Emma Thompson brilliantly assumes the role of a widow who has lived a sexually unfulfilled life. She hires Leo Grande, a sex worker, to help her learn to embrace pleasure for the first time. An incredibly tender handling of a delicate, highly personal  story. 

Soap Box Moment…Please, whatever you do, VOTE in the primaries and in the midterm elections in November! The only way to alleviate the pain and suffering in this tortured, deeply divided country is to vote Democratic IF you want to change the ultra right religious overtones instituted by a minority that is now in control of as well as suffocating America.

Stay strong.

image: Nadia Bormotova/Getty Images

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