Dirty Laundry…


Los Angeles weather cannot be beat.

We departed NYC in pouring rain and raging humidity.

Los Angeles was sunny, 60 degrees and nonexistent humidity.

A breath of fresh air.

The nice thing about getting to the airport at 4:30am is lines are shorter and people are too tired to be anything but complacent.

My row was an all female team.

I love that the law student sitting next to me had a huge amount of carry on for a 3 day visit to southern California.

It turns out that she brought her laundry home for her mom to do…too many hassles of performing the task in student housing.

Home was perfection…so much more room to roam, but getting there had its’ roadblocks.

The Lyft driver from hell picked us up at Point E.

We managed 20 seconds of screaming and a lecture to Point F and we jumped out with our carry on.

He charged $36 for a moment of distress.

The next driver had a souped-up electric blue, stick shift Subaru which was fun in bumper to bumper traffic.

It was like bumper cars at Santa Monica Pier.

90 minutes after touching down in LA, we finally made a safe landing at home.

We celebrated David’s birthday with the best sushi anywhere.

You can keep your fancy omakase and high priced sushi experiences.

The welcome from the lovely, loyal staff was heartwarming.

Give me my intimate, no reservations, cash only Hide…it cannot be beat.

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