Dior and Obama Designed To Woo…

I recently joined the Brooklyn Museum just to be able to secure reservations to the Dior and Obama exhibits.

The two exhibits are beyond fabulous and are not to be missed.

The Obama Presidential Portraits are very impressive in person.

The Obama’s selected the two artists, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, as they personify their engagement with contemporary art and culture.

The artists are deeply rooted in the tradition of portraiture and the depiction of black individuals.

President Obama’s portrait is so realistic that you expect him to stand up, walk over and embrace you.

I learned that the flowers in the painting are autobiographical, representing Illinois, Indonesia and Kenya.

Kehinde Wiley painted President Obama’s official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery.

He is known for tapping average citizens and having them pose for him. Ultimately, he sets them up in heroic situations reminiscent of the grand tradition of European portrait painting.

Mrs. Obama’s portrait is a strong portrayal by Sherald. While her geometrically patterned dress is evocative of modern art, it is reminiscent of the quilt making African tradition.

The portraits were gifts of Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg along with a long list of noted donors.

The Dior exhibit is exquisite and not to be missed.

The sets, lighting, descriptions and of course, the fashion is first class.

It is fascinating to see the designers who took over after Christian Dior’s death in 1957.

Yves Saint Laurent became a design assistant in 1955 and under duress, due to his age, became the head designer in 1957.

John Galliano took over in 1997-2011 followed by Belgian Raf Simon from 2012-2015.

Today, Maria Grazia Chiuri is heading the House of Dior.

Take the tour, but if you can get to the Brooklyn Museum the two exhibits are a mind blowing must!

The Brooklyn Museum itself is worth the visit.

The Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York. Reservations needed for the Dior and Obama exhibits. Open Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-8pm. Street and lot parking.

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