Anyone up for a Connecticut Purge and Cleanse?

Along with the P&C, your body will achieve maximum workout, your pores will be exfoliated, climbing 3 flights of stairs dozens of times will strengthen calf and thigh muscles and sculpt the bootie.

Friday, I fled Manhattan by 6:30am and in 46 minutes I was in Connecticut ready to meet my hauling posse…me and Julio down by the schoolyard.

We worked non-stop for six hours and transferred 7 closets full of clothes, over 40 moving boxes filled to the brim along with hand carrying dozens of breakable vintage items which I am told are worthless because all peeps crave now are mid-century.

We purged the attic, basement and garage of all their innards as well as dismantling a barely used $6,000 chairlift.

The house looks like a treasure trove of my parent’s and my life.

I even found a trunk full of Villager and Lady Bug wool skirts and sweaters from high school.

I have to return to finish the kitchen.

It shall be challenging to witness an estate sale team putting price tags on our past, including most of our wedding presents.

All those memories for sale.

Fortunately, I did salvage some overlooked items such as my Norma Kamali wedding dress, my mother’s ballet costumes, my father’s tux and tails from my parent’s wedding and Courtny’s baby jewelry (we started her young).

This process is analogous to Trump’s reign of terror…it seems as if he has been shocking and  persecuting the world forever and it has only been 1 year…the house purging feels like a decade of hard work and devotion.

In actuality, it has only been 3 months and counting.

And the Beat Goes On.



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