Hillary was roasted for calling Agent Orange supporters deplorables.

As with just about everything else she predicted deplorables is right on target.

Take dedicated trumpster Matt Gaetz and let’s do a deep dive into his comments that women who are pro-choice protesters are ugly. “Women protesting for reproductive rights are too unattractive to be impregnated.”

And, more pearls of wisdom…”Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions?” exclaimed Gaetz. “Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb.”

That is a truly sexist, horrendously inappropriate, untrue and deplorable statement.

Is that whimpering bastion of male inferiority who has to pay for sex with females too young to know any better an authority on who is attractive and worthy of fighting for a right that was viciously ripped away from them?

If Gaetz had impregnated the basket of underage girls what would he have done?!

Photo:Conan Daily

Anyway, not to pull a Gaetz and be judgey, but his wife, Ginger Luckey (doesn’t look as if her last name reflects her martial status) sure looks a lot like the thousands of protesters out there fighting for their rights.

On behalf of all women I am outraged.


That ignorant gnome whose bestie is the ugly inside and I’ll allow you to judge the outside, Majorie Taylor Greene, looks like a thumb you might place in an obscene location.

He should be tarred and feathered, have his hair shaved and marched naked (you just know his maleness is negligible) through the streets of all cities while pro-choice rallies are being held.

Then, just before we stomp on his privates and fill his pie hole with KY jelly so that no words escape, let’s count on thumbs how many female protesters find him attractive.

Photo: The Guardian


  1. I feel sorry for his mother. To have a son so out of touch with humanity it’s a sad situation. If he thinks so poorly of women, something for sure is very wrong with him.
    I wonder how much he paid the woman he married to cover his mental illness.
    He is for sure a very young soul.
    Karma will take care of him, in his next life he will be a woman , poor and pregnant every year. After a few million of those experiences, His souls might mature

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