Delish Danish….

Presently, my nights are spent noshing on Danish.

I am all in on Borgen, a Danish political drama which recently debuted in America on Netflix.

For a time, some of the most acclaimed hour-long TV series in the world were coming out of Copenhagen, with many of them remade by American TV networks

The series premiered in Denmark in 2010 and ran through 2013.

A fourth season has been ordered due to Borgen’s international popularity.

It seems as if politics is the real, legit reality show throughout  the world…you can’t make this sh.. up!

I personally witnessed the back door politics and the benefits of personal relationships played out through governmental agendas.

The focus of Borgen is Birgitte Nyborg (the fabulous Sidse Babett Knudsen), a politician in the Danish parliament who, through a series of  circumstances, becomes Denmark’s first female prime minister.

Birgitte is a centrist in a country that has several powerful factions representing diverse constituencies across both left and right.

Her attempts and struggles to hang on to her power with the guidance of her Spin Doctor while not abandoning her principles make for riveting TV.

Borgen has a very powerful female narrative and deals with a woman in power balancing career and family with 30 episodes  to keep you busy and more to come in 2022…a Danish West Wing that will carry you through those long Coronaville nights.

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  1. Sounds enticing. Thank you.

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