Deep Breath and…


It’s not a four letter word, but it provides the same sense of satisfaction.

I am in Florida overseeing Queen E.’s domain.

Taking care of business and now I have a bit of time on my hands.

As in a sappy Hallmark made for TV movie, Queen E. arranged the most divine day…cloudless, humidity free, a manageable 80 degrees.

And the script calls for an ethereal conversation.

I sensed Queen E. muttering from above, “It’s enough cleaning, Toby. Go relax for Christ sake!”

Since I always obey my mommy, I swam laps  under an azure sky.

After the AC man came for the annual check up I took off to the beach for several hours of surf, sand and reading a good book, followed by a long walk on the beach (how romantic).

Enervated, I was ready for Happy Hour.

Happy Hour at El Camino Mexican Soul Food & Tequila Bar is always happy time with margaritas priced at $4, savory brisket quesadillas a mere $5, chips and homemade salsa a bargain $2.

Lovin’ relaxin’.

Thanks for looking out for me, Queen E. and I am delighted to see you are still in command of your kingdom.

Delray Beach, Florida


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  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    LOOOOOVE it.
    and the beautiful pictures, and sentiments from Queen E.
    Thank you:)

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