Debbie Downer…

Monday was a downer.

The Stock Market dropped to its knees yesterday.

I dropped into bed and was unable to get up as my present wonky condition developed vertigo.

ConEd dropped an email to NY residents telling us not to drop the temperature as prices are going up 12%.

Trump supporters were sucker punched and down for the count…Rep. Zoe Lofgren wrapped up Monday’s January 6th session by laying out how trump’s campaign, a related political action committee and his allies raised $250 million by claiming they were fighting widespread election fraud at a time when they knew there was none.

Sanction bummer…Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered global condemnation and tough sanctions aimed at bringing Putin to his knees. Yet Russia’s revenues from fossil fuels, by far its biggest export, soared to records in the first 100 days of its war on Ukraine, earning a record 93 billion euros.

Now that I have you reaching for an upper, here’s some good news…the NY Yankees have the best record in baseball, we may have new gun legislation that will make it more difficult to buy a gun, Britney Spears is married.

Rest easy and yes, I am really reaching for some positivity…the newlyweds have signed a prenup ensuring that her husband will not receive any of Spears’ multi-million dollar fortune earned before the wedding date in the event that they split in the future.

And, ending on a positive note, higher levels of optimism were associated with longer lifespan and living beyond age 90 in women across racial and ethnic groups in a study led by researchers at Harvard.

Be positive and hoping today has us back “up” jumping for joy.

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