Date Night…

It’s Friday.

Many view it as the end of the work week.

For over 35 years I still get excited because in my world it is date night.

We have a prenuptial and as irrefutable details are inscribed in the Good Book, etched in my husband’s mind is that he is bound to ask me out on a date every Friday night.

He has never been remiss even when under the weather.

So as I bid you a joyous weekend I am contemplating my wardrobe choices for date night at a hot new restaurant with my honey.

Love endures as long as you put in the work and are not married to a narcissistic, mean-spirited, bloated sociopath.

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  1. Am going to show this to my hubbie😍. Or is it to late?

  2. I love that idea and I know you will get beautifully attired. This picture of David is adorable. Lucky you.

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