Dark Side of the Moon…

Watching the news is as uplifting as attending a funeral.

Before dawn on Sunday, I turned on the TV and listened to how democracy was skewing autocratic, trump masked interference information regarding Russian hacking, Microsoft informed the public of Russian, Iranian and Chinese pre-election shenanigans, California, Oregon and Washington are engulfed in flames and the Covid numbers are climbing like the NASDAQ.

After all those upbeat notifications, I observed MSNBC’s Ali Velshi social distancing in Minneapolis with a random group of voters.

A pasty Caucasian heavily beached Marilyn Monroe wannabe blonde is supporting trump due to his amazing handling of the Corona virus…did the peroxide annihilate her brain?!

No way to turn stupid into logical thought.

I took to the patio to breath in some cool, fresh air to calm my politically tortured soul.

No solace there as I witnessed the effects of the fires and climate change and the new day sky appeared apocalyptic.

My eyes have been burning for three days, the sky has dawned yet again white tinged and the sun has been a brilliant red orb all week.

I headed back in to surmise from the news broadcast that the Cuban voters in Florida are supposedly all in for trump as they are scared to death of socialism…seriously, they fell for the manufactured propaganda?!

I reached for the Half and Half to enlighten my first cup of coffee and it had turned just like my stomach when I pictured 4 more years of the lethal Agent Orange.

Its only 6:30am.

Sunday Blues already?!

The day has got to get better.

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  1. Tough tough times………..one that we never would have imagined. I take Charlie’s advice………..put on your helmet. Hold it tight and hunker down. Trying

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