Dancing With Myself…

Whether it is Donald Trump, a contractor or auto mechanic men are still sexist pigs.

And they get away with it.

I am in the midst of renovating and the pigs have come out to play.

I propose creating a match.com online service to pair open minded male contractors with female clients.

I know people will recommend finding a woman for the job, but it isn’t always easy.

I would very much like to be paired with a respectful, nonsexist contractor, plumber, painter, auto mechanic or wealth management person.

I am so sick of being talked to in a condescending manner or feeling pushed to call in my husband to handle the Neanderthals.

The woman’s movement, along with the prehistoric state mandated abortion laws, makes it look as if women’s rights have taken a giant step backward.

I am fed up with sexist dance partners…can’t we just glide across the floor, hand in hand, on equal footing with no one leading just moving in sync?!

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