Dance Face…

Have you ever noticed that people make the weirdest faces when they are groovin’ to the music.

In college, all the girls would crack up over the “white guy overbite”.

There wasn’t a frat boy alive who did not mimic this move.

The Peloton instructors brought me back to my monumental dancing days because I spend so much time on my bike, entranced by the perky, motivating spinsters.

Both male and female will break from the rigid spin form and start dancing to the music.

The faces are so dramatic…lots of grimacing, scrunched up foreheads, eye popping expressions, as well as eyes wide shut, pursed lips, flailing arms and orgasmic hair tossing.

I understand true professional dancers wanting to convey the emotion of the movement and the evocative music, but your average participant really is a sight to behold.

But, darn, dance is such a great release no matter how you look!

Go ahead, dance to the music and check your expressive bad self out in the mirror.

Just throwing out some much needed comic relief.

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  1. Julie Heller Varon says:

    I’m likely that girl but honestly don’t care what I look like…or what people think. In fact my life motto is that Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal soooo… Dance Like No One is Watching. When the music 🎶 is in me I turn off the other elements around me and like to be in the moment. I often wonder (particularly with live music) how it’s possible to not groove to the music. If people are looking at me I take the assumption that they wish they could have as much fun as I do. That said I love you and your blog and can’t wait until the day that we can dance together. Simply could sit on the sidelines on this one💃

  2. Yes – so many instructions have dance backgrounds. I think they truly cannot help it! You should try the Dance Cardio classes – wow, talk about a workout for the brain!🤪

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