Damn It, Give Peace A Chance…

Pure unadulterated evil has been unleashed.

The situation in Israel is beyond horrific and inhumane.

Humans should never treat each other this way.

Murder, rape, beheading, shooting innocent people, kidnapping children, using social media to taunt and brutalize family members about the dead is unimaginable.

Let’s look back to 2015. Ever since trump showed up life has been a misery…his reign of terror, Covid, January 6th, right wing extremists.

I was beyond ecstatic when trump lost to Biden.

I thought things were going to get better, but he did so much damage that 3 years later the stench has not dissipated.

He has contributed to the world becoming darker and more polarized, motivated by hatred, ethnic cleansing, money and power.

I do not have anything light, frivolous or entertaining to impart.

I wish for peace, patience, compromise and random acts of kindness.

This is no way to live. Yet again, many around the world wake up anxious with a feeling of having a low grade fever and flulike symptoms..

I am a child of the 60s and I do believe despite the heinous Vietnam War we emotionally and psychologically got it right.

Make love not war…Give peace a chance…Feeling Groovy…Let the Sunshine In.

The best way to predict the future is to create it…get creatively and positively motivated.

These inhumanities never go away, but we must try as hard as we can to create a better, kinder more evolved world.

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