Crazy Little Thing Called Love…

Almost four decades united in marital bliss.

Saturday was a perfect day.

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived.

I was presented with an ode to our marriage penned by my talented, loving husband.

I then enjoyed breakfast in bed.

We binge watched the beyond fabulous series, The Bear, followed by a massage at Equinox.

Saturday night we celebrated our anniversary with a memorable dinner gifted to us by our amazing daughter.

We experienced an intimate 20-course Omakase extravaganza.

The night was magical.

I love my husband more than ever and cannot imagine life without him.

Happy 39th and as we Arthur Murray’d together during our first dance as husband and wife 39 years ago under a full moon, by the water, after a crazy downpour, the Billy Joel lyrics still hold true:

… I said I love you, that’s forever
And this I promise from the heart,I couldn’t love you any betterI love you just the way you are…


  1. Happy Anniversary💫

  2. Ellie lupo says:

    Sounds like a heavenly day and evening……
    So happy for you both…congratulations and my wishes for many more happy anniversaries together

  3. Joy Maskart says:

    Hey Toby!
    It’s your old high school pal Joyce Manger MASKART!
    Out of the blue I just thought of you today and remembered you had this blog and ended up on Marriage! It’s amazing how you and I searched high and low and dreamt about meeting our true love while we began our quest in high school! We are soooo very lucky that our dream did come true and here we are so many years later happily married to our true loves❤️
    Give me a call when you’re in California and hopefully we can finally get together! 805. 403-1759

    • Good to hear from you! So glad you are happy and thriving after all these years!
      I will give you a call when I am back in Los Angeles.
      Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year💜

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