Craving A Simpler Time…

The acute threat of Covid is allegedly over, yet I feel life is still very contained.

Realistically, life as we have known it has changed forever.

I am still reticent to be inside with people, fully occupied or not.

The other evening we visited our favorite sushi bar arriving around 5pm. All went well until the place filled up and I couldn’t breathe.

We left without finishing.

Humans are just too much for me so I am still hiding out.

I deliberately plan all indoor activities at odd times when I think places will be empty.

Early morning has become my favorite time of day and Early Bird dinners, which I would unmercifully tease Queen E about, have become my signature dinner time.

I never rejoined Equinox and depend on my trusty Peloton.

I have not been in a movie theater since February 2020.

Shopping is online.

Mask wearing is synonymous with underwear wearing…never leave home without it.

I will be first in line for the fourth Covid shot.

I think the war in Ukraine has made me hibernate again along with all the violence and hatred.

I think we all crave peace, kindness and love.

Remember the old days when you dined outside without fear of being robbed, or took the subway without premeditated thoughts of being attacked or flew without wondering if the person next to you was going to lose their mind.

I miss just doing without contemplating a litany of potential problems.

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