Cozying Up to Fairfax…

I was hangin’ in the Village with my daughter on Super Sunday, feeling mellow.

I suggested that we try Fairfax.

Restauranteur Gabe Stulman and his Happy Cooking Hospitality family of restaurants (Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey’s Grocery, Bar Sardine, Fedora) recently converted Perla Cafe into Fairfax.

Fairfax was a only few blocks away so we headed over as snow began to fall.

The restaurant is trending so we were pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately.

Perla has been transformed into a very homey, cozy spot where you can order a steaming cup of coffee or a matcha latte and linger without being prodded to vacate the premises.

An all-day neighborhood cafe and wine bar, Fairfax opens early for coffee and pastries to stay or go.

Dinnertime offers a full-on dinner menu and a large array of appealing wines.

Of special note, stop by between 11:30am-7pm when you can order one small plate and wine for $20.

Back to our rendezvous at Fairfax.

The server had just made the transition from Wisconsin to NYC to further his acting career.

He was “totally” adorable and upbeat.

I ordered the truly fabulous Carbonara Flatbread with parmigiano, bacon, fried egg and béchamel. The creative dish was creamy, crisp and delicious. The bacon added great flavor and the egg tasted farm fresh ($14).

Courtny went old school and selected a wonderful french Petit Omelette made with butter, sprinkled with fresh chives, accompanied by roasted carrots ($10).

The generous side of flavorful Bacon was prepared as requested ($7).

The Beans On Toast with a fried egg, horseradish, creme fraiche and herbs also looked very appealing ($12).

The Stumptown drip coffee was strong and plentiful ($3.50).

Service is very attentive and European in temperament as the staff does not rush you even thought Fairfax was packed.

The interior design transformation from Perla to Fairfax reminded me of an absolutely delightful cafe we visited in the Bo-Kaap district in Capetown, South Africa.

Both places create an ambiance that make you want to move in.

In fact, it was so relaxing I requested a refill and ordered a Pecorino Rosemary Scone that was crunchy on the outside and soft inside…just as all scones should be, but usually do not meet the standard ($4.50).

Fairfax is a delight…a must for breakfast and brunch.

In these maddening times it is so special to find a calm, cozy environment with delicious, reasonably priced food in a no attitude, unhurried environment.

Fairfax 234 West 4th Street New York City. Open Sunday 8am-10pm, Monday-Wednesday 8am-11pm, Thursday-Saturday 8am-midnight. Brunch Saturday and Sunday 8am-3pm.

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