Coronaville To Do List…

Pre-Coronaville life was a spontaneous adventure.

My days personified a bright yellow highlighter.

New York was often like Christmas…the city offering up a constant flow of surprises.

Travel was frequent and welcome.

Now life is as predictable as a 2021 Yankee loss.

Every day begins very early and my mission is to creep silently into the kitchen and brew that first cup of coffee catching up on the latest shootings, partisan hatred and insanity on Morning Joe.

Once caffeinated I have 6 daily goals that must be met.

1. Create a daily post.

2. Hike at sunrise to avoid humans and maintain sanity.

3. Clean…Windex, sanitizer and wipes are everything.

4. Rendezvous with my Peloton. Spinning is my drug of choice…have not missed a day since my return from Santa Fe on January 5th.

5. Plan and execute meals.

6. Shower.

The excitement is endless.

I am thankful for the opportunity to beach it every weekend. Safe outdoor exposure is life saving.

This routine is on a continual loop.

Thankfully, I have a partner in confinement who has made life in Coronaville manageable…Love is Love is Love.

Looking forward to some day adding some new tunes to my endlessly repetitive track.

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