Corona Quarantine…

My antidote to the Coronavirus is self-quarantine.

It is very easy to implement on a gorgeous Sunday in Los Angeles.

Yesterday was the LA Marathon so many streets and major arteries were shut down.

Santa Monica was in lockdown because the finish line is located in the beach community.

Getting around was amazing…if only traffic flow was always this way road rage would be obliterated.

We jumped into the car and secured the perfect parking spot right across the street from the beach.

We walked to the Back On the Beach Cafe and at 9am no one was there.

We then spent the next seven hours sitting all by ourselves at the waters’ edge reading, relaxing and not coming into contact with a single possibly infected human.

At 5pm we stopped by our favorite and the only decent place to eat in our town.

The restaurant always has travel size hand sanitizers on each outside table, but the Richie Riches had stolen them all and the restaurant was out of stock just like Amazon and all the local drugstores.

Maybe we should all find a little piece of paradise, far from the maddening crowd and give ourselves a break from the realities of Trumpdom and invasive CoVid-19.

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