Constructive Retribution…

On a few occasions I had contact with E. Jean Carroll.

She struck me as smart, professional with a dry sense of humor.

Rachel Maddow filled in the American public on E. Jean’s stellar resume during her MSNBC show Monday night.

I applaud the fact that E. Jean and her two female lawyers found the chink in trump’s armor and as with the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s vanity statute in Iraq in 2003 Agent Orange’s planned dictatorship is (hopefully) starting to crumble.

The fact that E. Jean is planning on donating sums of her $83.3 million settlement to causes that Humpty Trumpty hates warms my heart.

I have a short list of people I would like to set up a beneficial non profit which would ultimately humiliate the assholes.

Constructive retribution that involves no jail time is very appealing.

Leave it to women to come up with an effective yet humiliating, non violent solution.

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